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The Green New Deal

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Some of the stuff in the green new deal:

Some highlights:

Cut military spending by 50%
Eliminate all nuclear energy (Ben's "it's a fraud" detector immediately starts clanging) as well as natural gas (huh?)
Ban "non-essential personal transport" (I read that as cars)
Eliminate unemployment benefits (sounds good until you realize they replace them with a "govt job for everybody")

Do they want hunger games? Cause that's how you get Venezuela.


--- Quote ---Why you need to read the fine print in that “Green New Deal” everyone’s talking about
--- End quote ---
This is the Green Party's "Green New Deal" which has been around for awhile.
Most of the "buzz" lately has been about Alexandria Orcasio-Cortez's "Green New Deal" which is different and I think even less defined. Also bad but it seems like people are confusing them.

I would say it sounds like Communism, but I think it attempts to even more Totalitarian than that. 

Sounds more like the movie "Brazil"...


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