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Biden showing more symptoms . . .

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I started this thread over 3 years ago, and even though Joe is probably medicated up to his eyebrows . . . he's getting visibly worse all the time.

I find it very disturbing that everyone around him - and most of the legacy media - is covering for him. He's not the nice guy next door or a shopkeeper at the corner tailor shop - he's PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE U.S. ARMED FORCES! Responsible for the safety and well being of 330+ Million Americans, and ostensibly the leader of the Free World.

It's worrisome that so many people - from BOTH parties as well as most of the media - refuse to acknowledge his obvious mental decline. This isn't funny any more. (It actually never was.)


Congressional Black Caucus?
Meh, close enough

Biden praises wrong group during speech at Congressional Hispanic Caucus' annual gala

To Avoid Embarrassing Falls, Aides Will Now Transport Biden Using Presidential Hand Truck

FBI Arrests Air Force One Stairs For Plot To Assassinate Biden

Biden comes for a visit and everyone hides

--- Quote ---Brent Scher
Maybe coincidence, but this is wild.

As Biden landed in Arizona tonight, the state was forced to designate its GOP Treasurer Kimberly Yee the temporary governor.

She's 4th in line of succession behind Dem Gov, Dem Sec of State, and Dem AG, who seem to have all left the state.
--- End quote ---

You guys ... the Katie Hobbs 'not being governor' situation is even WEIRDER than we thought


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