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« on: May 28, 2023, 12:41:29 PM »
If you don't know what it is, it's a Korean spice paste made with red peppers, rice, and fermented soybeans.

It's spicy (different brands have varying levels of heat), slightly sweet, and packs an INCREDIBLE amount of flavor.

I decided to give it a try after I saw an episode of Good Eats in which Alton Brown made Bibimbap.

This stuff is THE BOMB!

One of my favorite ways of using it is to take the flavor pouch from a pack of ramen noodles and put it in a bow. Add a splash of soy sauce, some rice wine vinegar, brown sugar, toasted sesame oil, and a nice big dollop of gochujang and whisk until smooth.

Cook the noodles and, just before they're done, add some frozen broccoli. Don't cook the broccoli too long or it will get mushy.

Drain, add to the gochujang sauce, and stir to coat.

I also often add cooked chicken or cooked shrimp.

Just had a bowl of that for lunch. Perfect levels of sweet, savory, and spicy.

The only problem with it is that it stains the everloving *expletive deleted*it out of a white t shirt if you drip, and it's a pain to get the stain out. Which I'm now going to have to do. Because I dripped.
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