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Illegal immigrants there, not here

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Brad Johnson:
Illegal immigrants there? Not a problem. Illegal immigrants here? BIG PROBLEM!!

Illegal immigrants flooding into southern border states and bringing a wave of crime with them doesn't seem to be an issue. However, bus them to DC and it's suddenly so bad you need to call out the National Guard.

Effing hypocrits.  :mad:


Yeah DC has a population of over 700K, gets around 4000 illegals, and it's a disaster. Meanwhile all those Southern border towns with 20K-50K populations are getting thousands of immigrants each and, "Why are those white supremacists complaining?!?"

A couple of years ago when there was a big outflux from North Africa to Europe, the German government was assigning illegals to various German towns. One small town in, IIRC, Bavaria was assigned a LOT of them, and the German government wanted to know all kinds of stuff - how many hotel rooms were available, even how many PRIVATE homes had an extra room.

The little town's leaders didn't respond. The first trainload of illegals showed up late at night to a train station that was all closed up - and it was cold. The bureaucrats riding along were upset. Little town kept ignoring them and IIRC, they had the German army come and set up tents, field mess kitchens, etc. for all the illegals.

Never heard a follow up of how the situation was resolved - or if it was. Maybe that little German town can teach the rest of us something about dealing with illegals.

I sell a LOT of car parts to people who only speak Spanish.
Why is that?
They are WORKING. Maybe you don't want to cut your own grass or trim your own trees or asphalt your own flat roof.
They're doing that. And they are looking to the future.
Some other folks are just waiting until the next opportunity to loot happens.
I figure that the criminal element is pretty small, overall, and has probably centralized in much larger cities.
I've had a lot more problems with white tweakers than I have with the mexicans.
Had a guy the other night had a frickin' mobile lab in my parking lot... GTFO...

Bogie, just because people speak Spanish doesn't mean they're here illegally - an awful lot of people from south of the border have entered this country the proper way, following the rules and obeying the law.


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