Author Topic: Unsortable mail made sortable, sorta  (Read 216 times)

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Unsortable mail made sortable, sorta
« on: August 08, 2022, 12:51:12 PM »
Tom Scott takes a tour of the USPS REC which sorts mail which can't be reliably OCR'd.

Fun look at USPS inner workings which normally go unseen. It's amazing how fast and accurate the USPS OCR systems have become, even with handwritten addresses. Even more amazing how quickly the human operators can do corrections.

At 5:24 I noticed they have a reference sheet for cursive letters. Sad that cursive has become so uncommon they need a reference sheet for it.

I got a chuckle when one of the training images showed "Roaring Springs, TX" (4:40). Roaring Springs is tiny, barely topping 250 people, and not far from where I grew up. Nearest towns to it, Dickens and Matador, are equally Lilliputian at 300 and 800 respectively. Heart of Texas ranch country with nothing but mesquites and coyotes as far as the eye can see. To see it pop up on anything, much less a 5+ million subscriber YouTube channel, is a treat.

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