Author Topic: “The demand for White supremacy vastly outstrips the supply of White supremacy”  (Read 1184 times)

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They will be accused by the "we are all one race" crowd of being race traitors, Uncle Toms or whatever appropriate ethnic/racial slur applies to those who don't support their tribe. Can't even make this stuff up, it writes itself. The word hypocritical doesn't do it justice, hypocritical assumes we all live in the same frame of reference about reality.  It's really closer to mental illness or being hypnotized. Society has been programmed to not notice things deemed bad thoughts by TPTB. Think about porno or buying things instead, maybe watch a comedy that challenges your moral boundaries and debases you a little, get drunk or high.

Pretty much.

"We are all one race" is really much more our slogan than theirs today. Try saying that at some ultra-left struggle session, and they'd probably want to lynch you.

I don't think Charles Wesley was thinking of the English, or about white people, when he wrote, "His blood atoned for all our race."
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We are not all one race in a biological sense, despite the rubbish spouted by most modern commentators, including a lot of people who should know better.  Race is basically an extended family that has undergone extensive inbreeding for thousands of years.  I am more closely related to a German than a Sioux Indian, as should be blindingly obvious to anyone who looks at me.  It is not surprising that members of the same extended family share more characteristics than ones whose ancestors have not interbred for tens of thousands of years.

Race can be reliably determined by examining a person's skeleton.  Race can be determined with extreme precision by DNA analysis.  By looking at one or two genes, it can be hard to tell race.  But looking at a bunch of genes works beautifully... as there is not one gene for race, but it is the relative proportions of many genes.  Looking at groups of people, it is frequently easy to pick out the relatives because they share similar groups of traits.  Thus it is for race.