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In a city where the streets are clogged...

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K Frame:
with the homeless, trash, feces, and drug paraphernalia, what does San Francisco worry about?

A bench and a Little Free Library.

The WSJ always has read restrictions for me, but they at least show a picture of the "free library".  Just a little box with a handful of books.  The bench isn't pictured as far as I can tell.  Definitely not an eye sore and doesn't seem to be in the way of anything.

It has been a while, but I seem to recall that kind of a little neighborhood "library" was a pretty popular and harmless fad just to make neighborhoods more friendly.

K Frame:
We have a Little Free Library in my community.

I've gotten a couple of books out of it and put a bunch of books in it.

It's really popular with the kids in the community.

Last fall we went for a walk while visiting my wife’s brother. On a walking path around a marsh in the middle of nowhere was a little free library. I snagged a great book about shackleton’s Antarctic adventure, Endurance was the name of the ship and the book.


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