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Israel Under Attack

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Hamas launched over 5000 missiles at Israel. There are 22 known dead so far.

Does this mean everyone will be replacing Ukrainian flags with Israeli flags, or no? Also interesting that Hamas has this big stockpile of missiles not long after we released $6billion of frozen funds to Iran to "not be used for terrorist activities".

K Frame:
Those hateful evil Nazi Jews deserved it! A dead Israeli is a good Israeli! says every hard leftist ever.

Can't wait to see some of the comments that are going to be flooding out about this.

Reports of kidnappings.


--- Quote ---Russia's deputy foreign minister said "it goes without saying that we always call for restraint"
--- End quote ---



--- Quote from: WLJ on October 07, 2023, 08:43:19 AM ---Reports of kidnappings.

--- End quote ---

While hoping for the best for the Israelis, I'm curious about how well armed Israeli civilians along the border are, and if they have any kind of "militia protocols" to stand up a resistance in their neighborhoods?

From the teevee news, this appears to be an attack predominately on civilian soft targets.

Edit: Ah, it appears there are some protocols:

--- Quote ---Sir Brian of London
Our local municipality is calling all armed civilians to come to a muster point in the area.
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