Author Topic: Booking Summer '24 vacay  (Read 231 times)

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Booking Summer '24 vacay
« on: November 13, 2023, 12:24:05 PM »
Making reservations for Summer 2024 vacation. We'll be headed back to our usual Colorado environs - four days in Frasier, four in Creede. Our favorite time is second week of June. It's just out of mud season but still a week or so before Summer season really kicks in. Chilly mornings, mild afternoons. Partly cloudy with afternoon thunderstorms most days. Semi-offseason means fewer people. Nice to be able to go places without wading through a sea of vacationers.

Yes, I am one of those, the kind who plans as far in advance as possible and books lodging the moment they show availability. I like knowing our lodging is covered, especially given how quickly Summer books up after Jan 1. Mostly it's my nature, but enhanced due to lodging binds as a kid when my Father's penchant for not planning at all bit us in the ass. As kids, we found out we were going to Colorado by waking up in the camper already a couple hours up the road. Dad would wake up in the middle of the night and decide it was time to go, so we went. It was common to arrive at campgrounds only to find they were full, then drive around for several hours to find a campsite. Couple of times we had to arrange with locals to overnight on their lot. Often we would leave without provisions, any kind of vehicle prep, or sometimes even so much as a spare tire. Drove Mom nuts, especially considering his suitcase was whatever container happened to be handy. One of our favorite family travel stories involves an Anatole Dallas bellhop's reaction to a brown paper sack of underwear and socks.

He's still bad about waiting to the last minute but at least calls ahead (most of the time) whenever he "takes a notion", as Mom calls it. Helps that they no longer head into the boonies, but rather places with plenty of hotel/motel choices.

Anyway, we're set for Colorado in June. Well, the first part anyway. The lodge in Creede won't open Summer bookings until late December or early January. Not worried, though, as we're already on their list. Will be a celebration of sorts, too, as SWMBO will be six days into retirement when we leave.

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