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Michigan water park shooting... Illegal alien terrorists...

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Woke up, and was listening to the news... They've got a name for the shooter, but I haven't seen a photo... Is this one gonna get buried?
And it seems that some terrorist types got across the border, but then when they started communicating, they were discovered... Gotta wonder on that one... And... We just told Haji and his buddies to only do face to face...

Googled "waterpark shooting" and found this and apparently someone opened fire at water park.

--- Quote ---Nine people were shot, including two children and a pregnant woman, when a 42-year-old gunman allegedly unleashed a barrage of nearly 30 rounds at a splash pad park in Michigan Saturday afternoon, authorities said.

The Oakland County Sheriff's office said the suspect was found dead after the shooting near the Brooklands Plaza Splash Pad in Rochester Hills, about 25 miles north of Detroit, Saturday evening.
--- End quote ---

8 year old was hit in the head and is listed in critical condition as are several others.

The suspect's name sounds very American to me and he committed suicide.

Multiple people shot at Michigan splash pad park, suspect dead: Police

Still no mention of ethnicity.

No criminal history so no mug shot. He did have a reported history of mental illness though so cue the calls for Red Flag Laws but doesn't MI already have one?
They say they found 11 (OMG!) guns in his home including an AR on the kitchen table. Kind of odd if he wanted to kill people he used a Glock pistol instead of the AR.

I often speculate on what percentage of shooting attacks are motivated by a desire to generate anti-firearm, anti-2a sentiment.

The analogue-based part of my brain seems to want to come up with about 40% of them just by guessing.  Which leaves 60% to things like just plain personal frustration for this and that or other political motivations besides "gun control."

Just by lookin' at the ceiling and rubbing my chin.  The digitally-based part of my brain just laughs at the other half.

Terry, 230RN


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