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birth of hybrid man

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how do you make it through the day??

Good deal! If I can get you all to start shaving your legs and get rid of your gray hair with cancer causing chemicals, my plans for world domination will be complete!


(Sheesh..why can't people just be who they are, without having to define themselves according to what anyone else thinks? And for the love of all that is holy, why does anyone listen to the French about anything??)

You know..the "I am what I am" thing is fine..except in this situation, its not real, its a counter-stereotype. What was in is out and vice versa. It doesn't really want each person to be who they are, it wants everyone to be what this cultural group wants them to be.

I dunno.  In the two places I call home, carhartts and flannel shirts are still the norm, and t-shirts and jeans.  We must not have gotten the notice yet.

...has left the building.:

--- Quote ---The traditional man still exists in China, Le Louet said, and "is not ready to go". But in Europe and the United States, a new species is emerging, apparently unafraid of anything.That is a ridiculous statement. Being a 23 year old male, the people I have met that fit their description of the "new man" are afraid of EVERYTHING. Everything to driving a fast car to light boxing to commitment in a relationship frightens them...but for some reason they are able to push the boundaries of society sexually, morally, and politically. Instead of testing themselves on a daily basis, they test other people's tolerance. That is the only thing they're "unafraid" to do.


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