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Clinton 'broadly supports' states' efforts to license illegals

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Hopefully this will finish her as a viable candidate.

Clinton 'broadly supports' states' efforts to license illegals
Clinton spoke about her position on giving drivers licenses to illegal immigrants on Sunday.

CLINTON, Iowa (CNN)  Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-New York, Sunday sought to further clarify her position on New York Gov. Elliot Spitzers controversial plan to give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, a position which she said shes already made clear on a number of occasions.

The issue was brought front and center at Tuesday nights Democratic debate. At the time Clinton said the plan makes a lot of sense" but stopped short of endorsing it. Former Sen. John Edwards, D-North Carolina, claimed her answer was inconsistent and Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, has since said that her answer to that question and others left us wondering.

Asked by reporters Sunday why its taken so long for clarification Clinton admitted she wasnt as clear as [she] should have been but added, I broadly support what governors like Elliot Spitzer are trying to do.

Clinton said governors around the nation are left with the burden because she said the Bush administration and the federal government as a whole have failed to bring about comprehensive immigration reform.

I think that its understandable that states are trying to fill a vacuum left by the failures of the federal government, Clinton continued. That is not an answer. I dont want to see 50 states policies on immigration.

But finally I do not believe we can resolve this problem unless we bring people out of the shadows, Clinton said, adding that undocumented immigrants should have a pathway to citizenship but theyd need to register, pay taxes, pay fines, learn English, and wait in line after those whove come to the United States legally. Those who have committed crimes, she said, should be deported.

Clinton added that the policy of simply giving licenses to illegal immigrants is not something she thinks any governor would seek out.

But I was in Des Moines [Iowa] yesterday, and I had three people come up to me and say that they had been hit in automobile accidents by undocumented workers, and they said what are we supposed to do? Were the ones that were injured. Our cars were damaged, and we get no relief because these people have no accountability, theres no system that requires them to have insurance or anything else.

Clinton made the comments to reporters at a press conference in Clinton, Iowa, alongside former Vice President Walter Mondale who had just announced his endorsement.

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Of course she supports it. Drivers license = voter.

Illegal aliens have determined the outcome in more than one election . . . Bob "B1" Dornan lost his seat in an election where the number of documented fraudulent ballots exceeded his opponent's margin of victory, but yet an idiot judge let the outcome stand.

We are on the threshold of becoming a banana republic.  The Left wanted to delegitimate suffrage and they have.  '08 will be the last Election in America that anyone pays any attention to.


--- Quote from: longeyes on November 05, 2007, 06:27:18 AM ---We are on the threshold of becoming a banana republic.  The Left wanted to delegitimate suffrage and they have.  '08 will be the last Election in America that anyone pays any attention to.

The way I see it is that unemployment is pretty low, Americans, except for people who bought houses they couldn't afford out of their own foolishness, aren't doing too badly economically. The malls are full.

People like that won't vote for a statist agenda that will take money out of their pockets in increased taxes. You need poverty to vote for a statist agenda.

So you import some. And then you let it vote.

75% of people in New York City have told Spitzer where to stuff his plan. 75%! And yet they go ahead with pushing it! Just whom are they listening to...and when will the people have had enough?


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