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Guess what's racist/white supremacy now

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I don't know whether to laugh or cry sometimes

--- Quote ---This can’t be real … right?
The human race isn’t THIS stupid yet, right?
Seriously, this could be a damn SNL skit.
White veganism is apparently the new white supremacy because it only focuses on the lives of animals while ignoring colonization and stuff.
Don’t ask us, we just work here.
--- End quote ---

Just when you thought vegans couldn’t get ANY more annoying : White veganism is the new WHITE SUPREMACY and OMG-LOL (watch)

These people are so desperate to find a cause to attach themselves to. 

K Frame:
You know what's racist/white supremacist?

Everything I do, say, think, or am.

Not due to any overt action on my part, but because of the proclamations of those members of society who have self-identified as being woke enough to actually pass those judgements.

So, simply by the fact that I exist, but with no actual proof or basis to back up those assertions, I have been lovingly and tolerantly judged and condemned.

Thus, I have literally nothing to lose, which means I have no *expletive deleted*s to give.

French G.:
I think we should do flush toilets next. Western, ignores the hygiene (lack of) practices of traditional BIPOC cultures, nobody needs three bathrooms except a capitalist oppressor, we pay people who are usually undocumented vacationers to clean them and oh yeah, they are white! Toilets are racist and you heard it here first.

Perd Hapley:
Donuts are racist.

No, I don't have to explain why. OBEY


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