Author Topic: Pellet Guns?  (Read 4843 times)


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Re: Pellet Guns?
« Reply #75 on: May 11, 2024, 05:18:51 PM »
Don't click these links unless you're ready to go deep.

The first is a link to Air Rifle Headquarters.
ARH is a guy who sells replacement parts, lubricants, and upgrades for springer air rifles. It looks like he learned HTML in 1998, built a website that still uses the same fonts and colors, and updates info as appropriate.

Linked here is an ARH RWS Tune Kit

Don't email him and ask how to install it.  He's not going to help cut off a finger or put out your eye!  I bought parts from him (5-7 years ago?) and he's legit.

The second is Gateway To Airguns.  It's a relatively active air rifle forum with 20 years of posts and tons of good information. It is old school, with many tutorials, some rebuilt since photobucket broke the internet.

You want photo evidence of terminal ballistics?  GTA
Chrono strings for various pellets? GTA

GTA can be hard to navigate (not as hard as ARH) but the data is solid because, while friendly and welcoming, the BS gets called out and deleted.
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