Author Topic: Another reason you should join a party.  (Read 234 times)


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Another reason you should join a party.
« on: June 11, 2024, 05:14:48 PM »
I got my "OFFICIAL DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY BALLOT FOR JEFFERSON COUNTY COLORADO STATE PRIMARY ELECTION" which mainly had one candidate for each of the positions (Congressional Representative, State Representative, DA, and two separate County Commisioners).  OK, so just mark those on the ballot and that's the way it goes.

But there were two candidates for the At Large Regent of the University of Colorado. 

Salient fact:  One of these two people will appear on the Statewide ballot in Colorado in November.

So I dug into them on-line a little.

Charles ("CJ") Johnson is a former football player from Detroit.  Right off the bat, nothing in particular which "disqualified" him in my mind.

But the other, one, Elliot Hood, includes this in his platform:

"As your next CU Regent, I will marshal this experience to make CU affordable and accessible, ban concealed carry and get guns out of our classrooms, push CU to be more sustainable..."

And including a litany of all the good, noble, and altruistic issues we Democrats are infamous for.

Can you guess which name I selected by blacking out the little voting circle?  Note these are At-Large candidates, so they will appear in primary ballots all over the state, and one of them will appear on the State ballot in November.

My puny little marks will not have much of an effect today or tomorrow, but I am a firm believer in the idea that even small "biases" (not in the racial sense) can influence greater matters, however long it may take.

Terry, 230RN

P.S.  I always though it strange that people who can tacitly admit that violence can occur in "sensitive locations,"  can simultaneously think that removing the means to protect oneself in those potentially "sensitive areas" is a good idea.  I suspect that is "doublethink."
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